Overnight facilities

Crooks corner lodge and campsite: a Community/Private partnership supported by Limpopo National Park in the Park Buffer Zone. Strategically located at the hearth of the Transfrontier Park within 2 km from the Pafuri Border Post. Previous arrangement with the camp Manager the lodge provides unrestricted access to the Crooks Corner, the Limpopo River and Pafuri area. Pafuri is a world known destination for birding. Contact info: reservations@crookscornerlodge.com

Machampane Wilderness Trails Camp: this is a privately operated luxury tented accommodation facility about 30 km from Giriyondo border gate. The camp has a rich wildlife and birding environment and overlooks the beautiful Machampane river. All meals are included as well as guided game walks and game drives.

The Camp operators, Transfrontier Trails, also offer Guided Wilderness Walking Trails and Guided Self Drive 4×4 Trails through PNL.

Contact: info@tfpd.co.za or (+27) 021 701 7860 for more information and reservations.
The below camps are operated by the Park itself and all bookings can be made through Lodovico Salinha at +(258) 084 3011 719 e-mail: pnlimpopo@gmail.com.

Campismo Aguia Pesqueira (Fish Eagle Camp): This camp is preferred by visitors looking for a quite relaxing atmosphere and is situated about 55 km from Giriyondo border gate and about 25 km from Massingir. It consists of 3 “nodes”. 1st node: the overlander site which caters for bigger groups who wish to camp together. This node has ablution (showers and toilets) and kitchen facilities (counter and running water and a small one plate stove) as well as a number of skottelbraais. The 2nd node consists of individual very privately placed camping sites, each with its own skottelbraai. This node also has kitchen and ablution facilities as above. The 3rd node consists of 4 wooden chalets, each of which sleeps 2 people and includes linen, towels, crockery and cutlery, pots and pans and a small one plate gas stove as well as mosquito nets Each chalet has a bathroom en suite as well as kitchenette and a deck overlooking the dam.

The camp is situated high on the escarpment and all camping sites and chalets have magnificent views of the dam which is located 250 m away. The only electricity provided is for chalet, ablution and kitchen lighting.

Campismo Albufeira: This camp is preferred by transit travelers and is situated at Massingir Gate which is about 70 km from Giriyondo border gate. The camp is close to the dam wall and consists of camping sites with communal kitchen and ablution facilities as well as chalets as described under Campismo Aguia Pesqueira above. Each camp site has its own skottelbraai. At this camp there is one 4 bed chalet, while the rest are all 2 beds. The chalets all have electricity, fridge and fan and a skottelbraai outside. The Park Tourism Facilities manager can assist in obtaining permits for boating and fishing activities on Massingir Dam.

Campismo Sandalo: very basic camp positioned in the center of the Park and about 3 hrs drive from Aguia Pesqueira. It has a water supply with showers and toilets.

Campismo Nhampfule: this is on our boundary in the north at Mapai Gate. It is also a very basic camp with water supply, showers and toilets.
Campismo Mamba: This exclusive camp is positioned in the sandveld near Mapai gate and is also a very basic camp with water supply, showers and toilets.

GPS CO-ORDINATES of Crooks corner lodge and campsite: S22.45675 E31.33117

Aguia Pesqueira Camp – Latitude 23°   51′ 35.928″ S Longitude 32°   0′ 32.868″ E

Albufeira Camp – Latitude 23° 52′ 3.695″ S Longitude 32° 8′ 42.569″ E

Covane Community Lodge – Latitude 23° 53′ 0.744″ S Longitude 32° 4′ 44.652″ E

Crooks Corner Lodge – Latitude 22° 27′ 23.67″S Longitude 31° 19′ 52.212″E

Gaza Safaris Camp – Latitude23° 13′ 52.248″ S Longitude 31° 34′ 54.624″ E

Giriyondo 4×4 Camp – Latitude 23° 34′ 0.596″ S Longitude 31° 39′ 40.324″ E

Giriyondo Gate – Latitude 23° 35′ 0.312″ S Longitude 31° 39′ 37.548″ E

Machampane Camp – Latitude 23° 46′ 13.735″ S Longitude 31° 46′ 52.396″ E

Mahinga Pan 4×4 Camp – Latitude 23° 33′ 52.297″ S Longitude 32° 14′ 11.368″ E

Mamba Pan 4×4 Camp – Latitude 22° 57′ 59.280″ S Longitude 31° 49′ 13.080″ E

Mamboreni Pan 4×4 Camp – Latitude 23° 7′ 22.360″ S Longitude 31° 43′ 39.210″ E

Mapai Gate – Latitude 22° 53′ 33.807″ S Longitude 31° 55′ 37.912″ E

Massingir Gate – Latitude 23° 52′ 8.008″ S Longitude 32° 8′ 50.932″ E

Mbona Kaya 4×4 Camp – Latitude 23° 29′ 16.279″ S Longitude 31° 53′ 6.055″ E

Nhampfule 4×4 Camp – Latitude 22° 53′ 36.563″ S Longitude 31° 55′ 20.336″ E

Pafuri 4×4 Camp – Latitude 22° 26′ 15.627″ S Longitude 31° 19′ 45.830″ E

Pafuri Gate – Latitude 22° 26′ 56.904″ S Longitude 31° 18′ 58.788″ E

Sandalo 4×4 Camp – Latitude 23° 20′ 51.900″ S Longitude 31° 41′ 52.200″ E

Shingwedzi Cliffs Viewpoint – Latitude 23° 22′ 29.784″ S Longitude 31° 39′ 23.220″ E