In addition to being an ideal half way stop off point for Bush to Beach excursions between South Africa and the popular Mozambique coastline, the Park offers wide variety of experiences including fantastic scenery and sunsets, Game and Bird viewing, cultural and 4×4 self drive off-road experiences and a variety of luxury guided walking, canoeing and off-road trails.

If you enjoy the quiet stillness of nature, then PNL is for you!

Game Viewing, Birding and Wilderness Experience:

Whilst the Parks wildlife numbers are on the increase they are in their infancy and sightings can be limited – although the Park does offer a large variety of game (e.g. elephant, sable, roan, lion, giraffe, zebra, impala, etc), birdlife and approximately 49 species of fish in Massingir Dam.

Since the formation of the park and the dropping of strategically selected sections of the border fence with KNP, wildlife has been steadily moving back into PNL. In addition over 4700 animals have been relocated to the South West of the Park with a final translocation to Massingir Gate area being scheduled for 2012/3. As a result currently the best Game viewing areas are the Machampane and Gaza Safaris sections of the Park – although visitors may get lucky with sightings at the various Sandveld pans in the center of the Park.

The Parks first full aerial census was undertaken in 2010 which showed healthy growth in Sable antelope and over 1,100 elephant and buffalo in the Park. To reduce human-wildlife conflict risks, further dropping of the fenceline shared with KNP will only be undertaken after the resettlement process

The park has various types of vegetation areas and consists of vast tracks of wilderness areas, with sections unvisited by humans in decades. There are large areas of scrub mopane as well as areas of tall mopane trees. It also has a very large area of attractive sandveld constituting about 44% of the park’s surface.

The summers are very hot with temperatures soaring to over 40° C. The winters are mild. The rainy season usually starts in January until about March.

The Parks primary attraction is however the wilderness experience with spectacular scenery and excellent birding sightings so bring your binoculars.

4×4 Self Drive Experience:

The Park offers a Self Drive 4×4 Experience enabling the visitor to traverse the Park between Pafuri (north), Mapai (East), Giriyondo (West) and Massingir (South). Visitors will experience a wide variety of scenery and will have the option of camping at Albufeira, Aguia Pesqueira, Crooks corner, Sandalo, Mamba and Nhampfule camp sites. Camping outside of these locations is not permitted. A trip to the beautiful Shingwedzi Cliffs area is highly advised !

Recognising the potential, the Park is also developing an expanded 4×4 Camp and Road network. Giriyondo (Lebombo Mtn), Mbona Kaya (Shingwedzi), Mahinga (Southern Sandveld) and Mamboreni (Northern Sandveld) have recently been opened with further camps, including Pafuri 4×4 camp. Each of these camps will only be accessibly by the 4×4 road network and will have a Enviroloo ; Fire Circle and Shower Area. These dry camps will offer visitors the wilderness experience and are to be used on a “what you take in you take out” basis. For more information contact Mr Lodovico Salinha on Mobile: +(258) 084 3011 719 or e-mail:

Cultural Experience:

There are still communities living in 7 villages within the park. These communities own cattle and goats and plant seasonal crops. Whilst the animals tend to shy away from these habitats, this offers a unique cultural opportunity to visitor‘s to observe the communities’ livelihoods as they pass through the villages and their machambas (fields).

A resettlement programme has been initiated wherein communities within the park are given the opportunity to be resettled (to World Bank standards) to locations which will provide sustainable improvement to their livelihoods. It is expected that once the communities have been moved, the plains game will move into the areas currently occupied by the communities.

Guided Trails Experience:

The following activities are all offered through Transfrontier Trails do Limpopo and are comparable, if not better, than similar products offered in KNP. For availability email: / tel: (+27) 021 701 7860 / – or pop into Machampane Camp to find out more.

Rio Elefantes Canoeing Trail: Spend three days paddling the Rio Elefantes, camping wild in rustic bush camps on its tree-lined banks. A cast for tiger fish, a pod of hippo or the sighting of a rare bird will enthrall you on your 70km journey to its confluence with the Limpopo. Trails are portered and catered, and led by an experienced guide. All equipment is provided and you paddle 20 to 25 kms per day.

Elefantes Gorge Backpacking and Fishing Trail: Camp wild for five days and four nights as you traverse the plateau above the Rio Elefantes gorge, descending to the shores of Massingir dam to fish for Tiger amongst others – the epitome of freedom in an amazing wilderness area. Trails are led by an experienced guide but you are required to be totally self-sufficient. The terrain is rugged and requires a reasonable level of fitness for the 15 to 20 kms hiked each day.

Shingwedzi 4×4 Eco-Trail: Explore the vast wonderland of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Our five night and six day guided, self-drive, Shingwedzi 4×4 Eco-Trail offers challenging river crossings and the opportunity to navigate seldom traveled tracks. The glorious adventure of camping-out in this remote wilderness, at the edge of pans and river courses whilst listening to the night sounds of the African bush, will imbue you with the spirit of pioneers gone by.

Palarangala Wilderness Trail: Spend four days and three nights in a remote rustic camp with dome tents and bush ablutions. Daily guided game walks follow the river or explore the Lebombo plateau close to the Kruger border. Located in an area that has been restocked with game in partnership with Kruger, you have every prospect of encountering a wide array of wildlife. Trails are led by an experienced guide and are fully catered.

Lebombo Hiking Trail: An unforgettable wildlife experience when you spend four days and three nights hiking through this pristine wilderness area, a perfect setting for game and bird viewing. Trails are portered and catered, and led by an experienced guide. You carry a day- pack, hike 12 to 15 kms per day and overnight in unfenced rustic bush-camps.


Crooks corner lodge offers the following rates:

Double Room 600ZAR / 40USD / 1,800MZM

Camping 200ZAR / 10USD / 600MZM

Prices are for self-catering accommodation.

Each room has en-suite bathroom, 2 single beds and table with two chairs.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner available at the bar/restaurant

Contact the lodge at



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Lodovico Salinha
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Conservation and Park Management Enquiries

Contact: Park Warden – Mr Antonio Abacar Mobile: (+258) 84 3011 726

Project Development and Support Enquiries

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